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DX de W3LPL-314013.3 OD5ZZHeard in NHOD 7/25/2024 0112ZMD
DX de W2CVV14330.0 PD2TXTexel IslandPA 7/25/2024 0111Z??
DX de VA3IR14262.0 EH7EURO EA 7/25/2024 0111ZON
DX de W3LPL-314021.1 OD5ZZHeard in PAOD 7/25/2024 0109ZMD
DX de K3KO14290.0 7Z1VD/Mtnx QSO 59 in ILHZ 7/25/2024 0108ZIL
DX de W3LPL-318076.9 VU2GSMHeard in PAVU 7/25/2024 0106ZMD
DX de KQ4JYG14076.1 DK5UR DL 7/25/2024 0105ZFL
DX de VE3YW14264.0 VP2EGM59 in ON. tksVP2E 7/25/2024 0105ZON
DX de K2AR24944.0 VK2/W7BRSNo copy on the East CoastVK 7/25/2024 0104ZMD
DX de K4CAE14273.0 KM5RFUS-2996K 7/25/2024 0104ZSC
DX de W4BJC14264.0 VP2EGM VP2E 7/25/2024 0101ZFL
DX de VA3IR14285.0 5C25NOA CN 7/25/2024 0100ZON
DX de W3HAC18100.0 7Q4AMMalawi ft87Q 7/25/2024 0100ZDC
DX de W3HAC18100.0 W1NNantucket Island IOTA NA-46K 7/25/2024 0059ZDC
DX de W5APO14080.9 VE3TKB VE 7/25/2024 0058ZFL
DX de KD9VGL14255.0 CX6TU CX 7/25/2024 0056ZWI
DX de KC1LAA14285.0 5C25NOAUSBCN 7/25/2024 0056ZMA
DX de K3TN14262.0 EH7EURO EA 7/25/2024 0055ZMD
DX de KC4HQS18100.0 EX2GFT8 EM73pj -> MN71EX 7/25/2024 0054ZGA
DX de K3TN14306.0 PD7V PA 7/25/2024 0053ZMD
DX de W4AG10108.0 VU2GSMKantiVU 7/25/2024 0053ZNC
DX de N8UOA14290.0 7Z1VD HZ 7/25/2024 0052ZWV
DX de N8UOA14207.0 VP2EGM VP2E 7/25/2024 0052ZWV
DX de NR4K14250.0 YT3PL59. scYU 7/25/2024 0051ZSC
DX de K8ZRY14306.0 PD7VCQPA 7/25/2024 0048ZMI
DX de K1JI14017.0 TI8/N7ZG TI 7/25/2024 0048ZMA
DX de VE3YW14285.0 5C25NOASpec event call tksCN 7/25/2024 0048ZON
DX de KG5OWB21075.6 OK2FDFT8 30W TU!OK 7/25/2024 0047ZTX
DX de K3HW18100.6 HF7X SP 7/25/2024 0047ZPA
DX de K1VI14074.0 VU2UAT VU 7/25/2024 0045ZRI
DX de K3HW18100.9 DL4GHS DL 7/25/2024 0044ZPA
DX de K8ZRY14273.0 KM5RFUS-2996K 7/25/2024 0044ZMI
DX de W8KL14074.0 9A1DFT8, Tnx qso, 73...9A 7/25/2024 0044ZOH
DX de K3FGO14201.0 TK/HA5MIG TK 7/25/2024 0043ZMA
DX de KQ4JYG14076.1 SP6VXO SP 7/25/2024 0042ZFL


WWV de AE5E<0000Z> SFI=175,A=6,K=2,Minor w/R1 -> Minor w/R1
WWV de VE7CC<2100Z> SFI=175,A=14,K=1,Minor w/S1 R1 -> Moderate w/G2 R1
WWV de VE7CC<1800Z> SFI=176,A=5,K=1,Minor w/S1 R1 -> Moderate w/G2 R1


Please switch and start using logging software telnet connections. Telnet to '' (port 7373) and login with your callsign. See connection details below and ARC6 cluster manual below. Skimmer Server Spots only available via NC7J telnet connections.

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On-Line Manual: ARC6 Telnet Commands - User Manual (Telnet Interface and CW Skimmer Spots)

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