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DX de W0OGH21034.9 W1AW/1up 1 easy todayK 2037ZAZ
DX de W3LPL-318076.1 HK1MWHeard in OKHK 2037ZMD
DX de KD9ASA18117.8 S51DXstrong good op.S5 2036ZIN
DX de W9DZ18158.5 W1AW/9Indiana ARRL CentK 2035ZIN
DX de KC0BMF14036.0 W1AW/9up 1K 2035ZIA
DX de KJ9C14244.1 W1AW/9Chris at the mic-simplexK 2035ZIN
DX de N4AWL14200.0 ZD7DC58 into TNZD7 2032ZTN
DX de WU1V21025.1 DK1NOFB CW QSODL 2032ZMA
DX de VE3AWS18117.8 S51DXalex on mobileS5 2032ZON
DX de KE4PCQ14088.0 WB4CTXcq centennial 12 pts rttyK 2031ZKY
DX de VA2HP14200.0 ZD7DCgood dxZD7 2030ZQC
DX de W6BSF14257.0 EJ0PLListening up 10EI 2029ZWI
DX de VA2DOM3750.0 VE2CAAreseau de la detente!!!!!!!!!!VE 2029ZQC
DX de KI1G21035.0 W1AW/1 K 2028ZRI
DX de K1OT18071.0 JA7BXS JA 2027ZME
DX de KJ9C18083.0 W1AW/9QSX 18084.00 Don - up 1K 2027ZIN
DX de KJ9C18083.0 W1AW/9 K 2026ZIN
DX de KA1ILH14186.0 GA14CG59 in CT TU - beggingGM 2026ZCT
DX de NR1R10105.5 GJ3RCV GJ 2026ZMA
DX de W9IU18083.0 W1AW/9CQ UP 1K 2025ZIN
DX de AJ9C14036.0 W1AW/9up 1K 2024ZIN
DX de K2WJ18129.0 W1AW/1Can't hearK 2023ZTX
DX de WA5LOU21069.0 W1AW/9INDIANA W1AW/9K 2022ZIN
DX de AI6AF18129.0 W1AW/157 IN SO CALK 2019ZCA
DX de NC4ON18117.8 S51DX59+ in NCS5 2019ZNC


WWV de W0MU<1800Z> SFI=121,A=5,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<1500Z> SFI=121,A=5,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<1200Z> SFI=121,A=5,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de W9HBH<1405Z> w1aw/9 Indiana on 24940 now
To ALL de WB6PSY<0335Z> What's more important, some net or W1AW?
To ALL de K8PG<1516Z> You here Griz ? try 10 RTTY ....if you like

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