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DX de K8AJS18077.2 DR50RRDXA DL 1355ZOH
DX de KQ8Z14006.0 SV5/GM0IIOKos IslandSV5 1353ZFL
DX de WA7LNH7142.0 VK2BXE59+5VK 1352ZWA
DX de NA6L7076.8 VK2PWSJT65 20w LoTWVK 1351ZCA
DX de K6CU7035.0 W1AW/7It was KH2TJ that called youK 1351ZCA
DX de K4PI18084.6 SM3ANI SM 1348ZGA
DX de N4VN18081.6 S59AA S5 1346ZAL
DX de N4VN18083.1 W1AW/1UP 1K 1343ZAL
DX de K6CU7035.0 W1AW/7up 1K 1342ZCA
DX de WA1IIE18083.0 W1AW/1ME. UP 1K 1339ZME
DX de N5DRB10146.0 W1AW/7RTTY dwn 1K 1337ZAR
DX de K4DY21014.9 HF37SONDACQingSP 1334ZNC
DX de KQ8Z14006.0 SV5/GM0IIOKos IslandSV5 1333ZFL
DX de W9OP18077.6 DR50RRDXA DL 1333ZWI
DX de W6PJ7014.0 V85TL V8 1332ZCA
DX de N4VN21071.5 EA3HCEPSK63EA 1331ZAL
DX de NV4G14029.0 W1AW/1simplexK 1331ZTN
DX de NQ7R-710146.0 W1AW/7Dwn 1K 1331ZAZ
DX de KQ8Z14006.0 SV5/GM0IIOKos IslandSV5 1329ZFL
DX de N4VN21071.5 C91KHNPSK31C9 1327ZAL
DX de W4VQ21025.0 9J2BO 9J 1325ZFL
DX de KV4MO14275.0 W1AW/1MEK 1321ZTN
DX de K4PI18079.0 E21EJC HS 1317ZGA
DX de N4VN21071.5 G0TPZPSK31G 1317ZAL
DX de N4VN21071.5 EA4AOCPSK31EA 1316ZAL


WWV de VE7CC<1200Z> SFI=127,A=11,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<0900Z> SFI=127,A=11,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<0600Z> SFI=127,A=11,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de AE5WW<2129Z> QRP
To ALL de K1LLR<1018Z> "Global Emergency Center Of Activity"14.300 emergency trafic net all day everyday
To ALL de N5PG<2355Z> News:

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