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DX de KJ4VTH14204.0 PR8ZX PY 0300ZVA
DX de NA1DX14027.9 UK8OZtu...wurble, freq sliding upUK 0259ZMD
DX de AA6KJ21015.0 BH1FXNcqBY 0259ZCA
DX de WA0CRI14026.1 LY7Z LY 0258ZMN
DX de W9RN-877082.0 FT4TAqsx 7140F 0257ZWI
DX de AI0M14180.0 9H5DX 9H 0257ZWI
DX de W7VS18079.0 FT4TACQ NA UP 1+F 0257ZOR
DX de W7TJ18079.0 FT4TAUp 1 for NAF 0256ZWA
DX de K9EL7082.0 FT4TAQSX 7145.33F 0256ZIL
DX de KD8JDC14285.0 CN2MA CN 0256ZMI
DX de VA6SP14020.7 RA0TUsig with polar flutterUA9 0255ZAB
DX de W3LPL-310112.2 KP4BMEHeard in KS and NHKP4 0255ZMD
DX de N7WS-714081.8 EY7ADrttyEY 0255ZAZ
DX de KG5ANP7192.0 K4BLLCQK 0255ZNM
DX de W4QN18079.0 FT4TAup 1F 0254ZFL
DX de WB8RFB7265.0 W1AW/7Working simplexK 0254ZIL
DX de W3LPL-31833.7 HI3TEJHeard in OK and UTHI 0253ZMD
DX de W3LPL-33512.0 GJ8DXHeard in MAGJ 0253ZMD
DX de KM6XX14214.4 RN9N UA9 0252ZCA
DX de N8YQX14324.0 W1AW/7WY up 5K 0252ZMI
DX de K1HRD7265.0 W1AW/75/9 into MASSK 0250ZMA
DX de AI0M14243.9 T6T YA 0250ZWI
DX de K6YK-714233.0 T6TWhats wrong with these idiots?YA 0249ZCA
DX de W3LPL-314033.2 RI1ANTHeard in OH and MACE9 0248ZMD


WWV de VE7CC<0000Z> SFI=121,A=6,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<2100Z> SFI=121,A=6,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<1800Z> SFI=140,A=5,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms


To ALL de K3PA<2354Z> 10112 Please listen for the call before spotting, eh?
To ALL de KD7VD<2120Z> Dude, enough of the non DX spots pls!!!
To ALL de VA3DX<1725Z> on4axu pse u are not in NA/SA !

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