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DX de WA6LDI7198.0 CT3DL CT3 0508ZCA
DX de KD0FW14343.2 ZW5B PY 0508ZMO
DX de K6ST14190.2 KP2M KP2 0508ZNV
DX de K6ST14182.4 LU8XW LU 0508ZNV
DX de K6ST14203.7 HK1NA HK 0508ZNV
DX de N9NA14282.7 VK2BCQ VK 0507ZIL
DX de K0ISL14332.0 VK9LM VK9L 0507ZMO
DX de WR2G14227.5 NP2PP KP2 0507ZNJ
DX de N3ZA3745.2 DR5NQSX 3817.00DL 0507ZPA
DX de K1LZ1872.9 OK1T OK 0507ZMA
DX de K3NM14228.0 5R8MUSB5R 0507ZPA
DX de N7TR-147197.9 CT3DL CT3 0507ZNV
DX de K9MY7145.2 9A2LCQ-WW-SSB9A 0507ZIL
DX de WB5EIN14212.5 RM5AUSBUA 0506ZMS
DX de K7VIT14282.8 CE3CT CE 0506ZOR
DX de KA6BIM14235.7 CN3A CN 0506ZOR
DX de K1VR14194.6 PS5A PY 0506ZMA
DX de K6ST14338.4 JH4UYB JA 0505ZNV
DX de K6ST14321.9 RW0CN UA9 0505ZNV
DX de NA2U14247.5 WH2DXUSBKH2 0505ZAZ
DX de K3PIN3656.5 M5B G 0505ZPA
DX de NT6X7144.1 CN3A CN 0505ZCA
DX de K1VR14205.0 FW5GJ FW 0504ZMA
DX de N0UN14282.8 K6STgo to bed lidK 0504ZCO
DX de K3PIN3752.3 CN2R CN 0504ZPA


WWV de VE7CC<0300Z> SFI=219,A=10,K=3,Strong w/R3 -> Moderate w/R2
WWV de VE7CC<0000Z> SFI=219,A=10,K=1,Strong w/R3 -> Moderate w/R2
WWV de VE7CC<2100Z> SFI=219,A=12,K=2,Strong w/R3 -> Moderate w/R2


To ALL de K4UVC<0811Z> 'cause so many QSL direct arriving after so many months? despite dollars ect. ect ??? shame
To ALL de N6IC<0211Z> where are the NV rtty hanging our?
To ALL de K5RK<0121Z> VK9DLX Nice! Thanks!

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