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DX de K6YK-77230.0 KC7NJUSOTA CQing no answerK 6/21/2024 2349ZCA
DX de K1RCO21270.0 7Z1IS73HZ 6/21/2024 2347ZMA
DX de WO2E18100.8 KP2BH KP2 6/21/2024 2346ZPA
DX de N4BQQ21270.0 7Z1IS HZ 6/21/2024 2344ZSC
DX de WO2E18100.8 UB5MBA UA 6/21/2024 2342ZPA
DX de K1RCO21285.0 HP1XV73HP 6/21/2024 2342ZMA
DX de WO2E18100.8 RW3FY UA 6/21/2024 2341ZPA
DX de W1CR14263.0 AD5MD K 6/21/2024 2341ZTX
DX de KG5ESC-318142.0 IZ6HYR I 6/21/2024 2341ZTX
DX de WO2E18100.8 IZ5UFW I 6/21/2024 2340ZPA
DX de VE1RY21270.0 7Z1IS HZ 6/21/2024 2338ZNS
DX de KQ4HCQ-1114311.0 WR4Y K 6/21/2024 2334ZFL
DX de N4BQQ14276.0 F4DSK F 6/21/2024 2334ZSC
DX de AC2PB24915.0 CO8LYFT8CM 6/21/2024 2332ZNJ
DX de WW4BT21270.0 7Z1ISCQHZ 6/21/2024 2332ZSC
DX de W5RG21043.9 JA7TYWCQ CQ TKS MASAJA 6/21/2024 2330ZOK
DX de KO4GAR18142.0 IZ6HYR I 6/21/2024 2329ZSC
DX de W4BR14016.0 EA4/EA6EJIni visiting NandoEA 6/21/2024 2328ZFL
DX de N1DFD14244.0 S52WWCq DxS5 6/21/2024 2327ZME
DX de K6LL18094.6 K3MMCWK 6/21/2024 2325ZAZ
DX de VE1RY18102.1 UB5MBA UA 6/21/2024 2324ZNS
DX de VA3ZZS14243.0 S52WW S5 6/21/2024 2324ZON
DX de KE2DJN14344.0 VE1RPX VE 6/21/2024 2323Z??
DX de K1GND-1114256.0 LA6REA59 plusLA 6/21/2024 2322ZRI
DX de KI5ZSA14276.0 F4DSK F 6/21/2024 2321ZLA
DX de KO4GAR21285.0 HP1XV HP 6/21/2024 2320ZSC
DX de KF0LJM14244.0 S52WW S5 6/21/2024 2320ZCO
DX de KE2DJN14276.0 F4DSK F 6/21/2024 2319Z??
DX de KO4GAR14276.0 F4DSK F 6/21/2024 2317ZSC
DX de KC8WVG21310.0 SP2WKBThx LesSP 6/21/2024 2316ZOH
DX de K4ITB14222.0 G0VQO G 6/21/2024 2314ZVA
DX de KO4GAR14265.0 DK0WIL DL 6/21/2024 2313ZSC
DX de KD2VSD21319.0 SO5TCCQSP 6/21/2024 2306ZNY
DX de KO4GAR14256.0 LA6REA LA 6/21/2024 2305ZSC
DX de W1PR28075.2 VP6MWFT8VP6 6/21/2024 2304ZCA


WWV de AE5E<2100Z> SFI=197,A=10,K=1,Moderate w/R2 -> Minor w/R1
WWV de AE5E<1800Z> SFI=203,A=7,K=1,Moderate w/R2 -> Minor w/R1
WWV de AE5E<1500Z> SFI=203,A=7,K=1,Moderate w/R2 -> Minor w/R1


Please switch and start using logging software telnet connections. Telnet to '' (port 7373) and login with your callsign. See connection details below and ARC6 cluster manual below. Skimmer Server Spots only available via NC7J telnet connections.

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On-Line Manual: ARC6 Telnet Commands - User Manual (Telnet Interface and CW Skimmer Spots)

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