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DX de N7EKD7148.0 ZS6PMB57+ LP 73ZS 1627ZOR
DX de NW6V18077.0 V5/DL3DXXUp 3 Gud op!!V5 1626ZOR
DX de W3LPL-324892.6 TK4LSHeard in MA and NHTK 1626ZMD
DX de W3LPL-321033.4 FY5FYHeard in PAFY 1625ZMD
DX de W3RJW24895.5 9A4W599 EPA9A 1625ZPA
DX de KA7NPQ28531.0 EA7IZJ EA 1624ZAZ
DX de W2OR18142.0 WB4CTXCentennial WB4CTX and W2OR togK 1624ZFL
DX de N0OT28577.0 MU0GSY GU 1624ZSD
DX de W3LPL-324897.9 CU3AKHeard in PA and SCCU 1624ZMD
DX de NK3Y28370.0 DL2SAX DL 1623ZPA
DX de VE2WU14020.0 DL7SXR??diger tnx fb qso 73 martenDL 1623ZQC
DX de N8HMG28329.8 K2HAT5/7 OhioK 1623ZOH
DX de VE2WU14020.0 DL7SXR?diger tnx fb qso 73 martenDL 1623ZQC
DX de KO1E28044.0 MD0CCE GD 1622ZRI
DX de KU6J24890.5 OX3XRLoud on west coastOX 1622ZCA
DX de NC8X18160.0 KP4FL KP4 1621ZOH
DX de WA5YOM24895.5 9A3W 9A 1621ZOK
DX de KG4VHV18135.0 NK7ZARRL Cent great signalK 1621ZOH
DX de N0XOC28577.0 MU0GSY GU 1620ZMN
DX de KU4NY24935.0 CU7MDCalling CQCU 1619ZTN
DX de K5TIA24890.5 OX3XR OX 1619ZTX
DX de KB2KUU28465.0 CO6LCStrong signal NNJCM 1619ZNJ
DX de WA8QFE24890.6 OX3XR599 in Indiana, Wk'd QRP 5wOX 1619ZIN
DX de K4KAY18125.0 N3KNKay Craigie 300 pts CentenialK 1619ZNC
DX de VA3ARI21267.0 IZ2GTS52 auguri umbertoneI 1618ZON


WWV de VE7CC<1500Z> SFI=203,A=9,K=3,Minor w/R1 -> Moderate w/G2 R1
WWV de AE5E<1200Z> SFI=203,A=9,K=2,Minor w/R1 -> Moderate w/G2 R1
WWV de AE5E<0900Z> SFI=203,A=9,K=3,Minor w/R1 -> Moderate w/G2 R1


To ALL de VA3QRM<1655Z> AM 5/9 plus 20
To ALL de KD4POJ<1628Z> Easy fix to bad spots. Turn cluster off spin the dial
To ALL de KG4KWW<1621Z> someone on is broadcasting a illegal transmission on 28.425

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