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DX de W3LPL-328023.0 EA6EJHeard in NCEA6 2/28/2024 1235ZMD
DX de W3LPL-328004.0 SV5BYRHeard in NHSV5 2/28/2024 1234ZMD
DX de W3LPL-328025.0 VU2SRTHeard in PAVU 2/28/2024 1233ZMD
DX de KB4GH7060.0 H40WAft8 f/h thx 73H40 2/28/2024 1233ZNC
DX de K9EL10131.0 XU7GNYTnx QSOXU 2/28/2024 1233ZIL
DX de VE2DSB28012.5 Z35MTnx CW QSO 73 GLZ3 2/28/2024 1232Z
DX de W3HAC28180.0 7Q6Mft47Q 2/28/2024 1232ZDC
DX de K9EL10131.0 XU7GNY2 CQs and goneXU 2/28/2024 1229ZIL
DX de AI9T10114.0 H40WAQSX 10119.60 CWH40 2/28/2024 1228ZIL
DX de W3LPL-328012.5 Z35MHeard in PAZ3 2/28/2024 1227ZMD
DX de W0FLS1823.5 HL5IVL HL 2/28/2024 1227ZIA
DX de NO0B7074.0 6K5BXQFT8HL 2/28/2024 1226ZIA
DX de NE5A7032.4 JN1THLCWJA 2/28/2024 1226ZOK
DX de K2ZR/410106.0 K2ZRIOTA NA-062K 2/28/2024 1225Z??
DX de K2ZR/47028.0 W7SWAWTK 2/28/2024 1224Z??
DX de NO0B7074.0 JR1LJZFT8JA 2/28/2024 1224ZIA
DX de KO4QMM18165.0 RU3GF5/7 Fl ThxUA 2/28/2024 1222ZFL
DX de W0FLS1828.5 JH1HDTIOTA AS007JA 2/28/2024 1222ZIA
DX de N1LID-121074.9 ZD7CTOIOTA AF-022ZD7 2/28/2024 1220ZMD
DX de W2YC21010.0 TC6EQ TA 2/28/2024 1219ZNJ
DX de N5PRN10136.9 AG7TXPOTAK 2/28/2024 1218ZLA
DX de W3LPL-31823.5 HL5IVLHeard in UTHL 2/28/2024 1216ZMD
DX de W3LPL-321005.8 TR8CRHeard in NHTR 2/28/2024 1215ZMD
DX de KD8NKJ-37076.0 VK3HAGFT8 Worked in Michigan,73sVK 2/28/2024 1214ZMI
DX de WA1SXK7060.0 H40WAFT8 3 SLOTS NOB 73H40 2/28/2024 1214ZNC
DX de N4WMB21245.0 AN44AL EA 2/28/2024 1214ZSC
DX de VE7ZO1828.3 JH1HDTCWJA 2/28/2024 1214ZBC
DX de AC2PB10136.0 BI4SDTFT8BY 2/28/2024 1213ZNJ
DX de K4DY21010.0 TC6EQCQ CQTA 2/28/2024 1213ZNC
DX de W3LPL-31828.5 JH1HDTHeard in UTJA 2/28/2024 1212ZMD
DX de K0TF10114.1 H40WAGigolo expeditionH40 2/28/2024 1212ZNY
DX de W2YC28007.0 AN44AL EA 2/28/2024 1211ZNJ
DX de VE7ZO1823.4 HL5IVLCWHL 2/28/2024 1211ZBC
DX de W0FLS1823.5 HL5IVLjust in thereHL 2/28/2024 1209ZIA
DX de AC2PB10136.0 JE7JDLArigatou Tadahiro-san 73JA 2/28/2024 1208ZNJ


WWV de AE5E<1200Z> SFI=168,A=13,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de AE5E<0600Z> SFI=168,A=13,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de AE5E<0300Z> SFI=168,A=13,K=2,Minor w/G1 -> No Storms


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